KR Runs | Training VLOG | Steady run with Half Marathon & Marathon race power efforts

KR Runs | Training VLOG | Steady run with Half Marathon & Marathon race power efforts

Posted a little training VLOG of my general pre and post run preparations which involve coffee (standard), toast and marmalade and a post run home made carbo drink. Now on YouTube here –

Playing with editing, trying to find a style of my own. Well still trying to copy the masters but a long way to go… I’d love to put some music I love to my vids but need to work out copyright stuff.

Still working on how to record footage of me running without a) impeding my session and b) looking like a complete plonker(!) I guess you just have to accept looking like a plonker(?) As being 40yo, wearing a cap backwards and generally wishing you were 10yrs younger doesn’t already qualify you as a plonker…

Given drones aren’t an option I really need a 2nd person as a camera person. Any one fancy it? Minimum wage rates apply. All enquiries to Generally training and recording in Newcastle Town Moor. 1 pre arranged recording session per week. A bicycle would be useful but not essential!

Any feedback loved. Positive or negative. I have a thick skin (sometimes).


How I train to improve Aerobic Endurance

New video posted on YouTube (if you’d like to support my channel please subscribe here and help me reach my big target of 100 by the end of 2021!)

In this video I talk through the “Pure Endurance” method which was first proposed by Ernst van Aaken in 1947.

I have adapted it to train to improve my Aerobic Endurance.

Aerobic Endurance is the ability to sustain medium to high intensity exercise for long periods and is critical for athletic performance for distances from 1 mile to the marathon. It can also be used to maintain general health, fitness and wellbeing with reduced risk of injury.

I have found this method to be very effective to build a base from which to then sharpen race pace depending on what races I am training for. It is the “bread and butter” so to speak. All of my runs are done this way except race pace sessions and long runs.

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Project 2:34

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d give a quick update and introduce a new running VLOG I’m starting on YouTube named “Project 2:34”.

It would be amiss of me not to mention the pandemic that we have all been experiencing – it was certainly a different world when I last posted in early February.

I’ll stay away from general points and stay focused on my running since this is a running blog!

Generally I’ve struggled with my running since late March. Not because of lack of motivation. Without exercise I’m not sure I would have gotten through lockdown in one piece mentally. But I was pretty much forced to rely on cycling to get my aerobic fix.

Basically I couldn’t shake a hip injury which appeared in mid March. This time it was the left hip which was really frustrating as I’d only just gotten back to full flight after a right hip injury stemming from the 10 mile race in November 2019. I probably struggled to process what to do and continued to train hard when really the lockdown meant the wisest choice would have been to back off, especially given all competition would be cancelled (I was training for 3 races – Great North 10k in June, Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile in July and the Great North Run in September).

Despite feeling very frustrated I was able to get some good cross training in. And I was really grateful for the freedom cycling gave me during lockdown. I was able to really appreciate the local countryside and scenery we are blessed with in the North East. It only takes a short while to get out on the country roads and feel away from the city.

But my running has now started to come back and take precedence again as the hip injury subsided with rest and recuperation. Sometimes you need to accept when continuing to push through pain isn’t the answer. And I know I can now come back stronger.

I have now built back up the mileage to around 40-45 per week which is my usual sweet spot. The time off has allowed me to reconsider my goals. Although there is no real signs of races and competition as we know it or knew it, I do want to feel like I have an overall purpose to my training. I have hinted before in this blog to a softening view towards the marathon, having said a few times in the past that I would never do one.

I’ve always believed in “never say never” and I have decided that it is something I simply must do! Not only that, I would like to see what I can do. I don’t just want to complete the distance. I really surprised myself with 55:37 for 10 miles at the Brampton to Carlisle and that performance gave me confidence that I could translate it to a PB over the half marathon distance and also a stab at a full marathon.

I’ve also always wanted to have a go at a running VLOG. So I have decided to start one called Project 2:34.

The VLOG will track my progress towards a debut over the marathon distance and, ultimately, an attempt to complete one in 2hrs and 34 minutes.

I am under no illusions about how tough a challenge this will be. It also doesn’t mean I am abandoning the sub sixteen 5k dream! I will need to have confidence to run 16 minutes low for 5k to have some faith in my ability to run 2:34 for the marathon.

In terms of the VLOG, I would like it to be 1) Serious (2:34 is a serious goal!), 2) Entertaining and 3) Funny. As you will see my first attempt is pretty amateurish but I hope it can maybe provide some motivation to others to set a goal and go for it. Also it may (hopefully) make you laugh!

The link to the first VLOG is here, following my Monday Long Run.

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