Gillmore’s Groin Diary – days 13-18 – trying to move to Phase 3 of rehab and some jogging on the horizon…maybe!

Things were getting easier and the time felt right to make a return to work after two weeks off.

It would have been good to have been eased in gently but life being life I was straight back in the deep end!

I’m still not able to comfortably wear jeans or work trousers so the “Primani” tracksuit bottoms were the only option. Actually by the end of the day rushing around meeting after meeting I felt pretty hot and bothered and heading back in the car afterwards I felt physically and mentally drained…

Still I managed to get out for a couple of walks before and after work but now the Phase 2 part of rehab was calling for some upright cycling at the gym. But I couldn’t face it…

Tuesday (day 15) was much the same although I felt slightly less irritable around the operation area. Again though struggled to get the full routine in. I stayed with my beloved 2 mile walking route that has served me well.

Wednesday day 16 was much the same but Thursday involved no exercise at all due to work meetings in the morning and trying to sort some stuff in the house in the evening. This 3rd week of rehab was going down the drain…

On Friday I was able to make amends at the gym after work as I finally embarked on Phase 3 of my rehab. I had been to see Kevin Bell physio on Wednesday and (despite my lacklustre rehab Monday/Tuesday) he was very happy with how everything is going. I received some ultrasound treatment and also got the go ahead to move onto the next stage.

Phase 3 involves increasing the bike to 30mins and introducing some light Elliptical Trainer work at 25% resistance. I also need to continue with the walking (one per day 30-40mins) and the general stretches and exercises.

I was also delighted to here Kev say some jogging could commence next week if all goes well between now and then.

So the plan is to continue with Phase 3 until my next Physio appointment on Wednesday 13th June and from there I’ll be hoping.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’m closer to closing the chapter of this Blog that is and has been the “Gillmores Groin Diary”.

I am planning my first “normal” blog after this as a discussion on why I still feel capable of producing PB performances and why I am still very confident I am capable of a sub 16 5km, as well as explaining what I think I need to do to achieve it.

Watch this space.


Gillmore’s Groin Diary – days 11-12 – the corner is turned!!!

On Thursday I was back to see Kevin Bell physio. I’d been given the OK to drive again which was a good first step back to normality.

Kevin has seen hundreds of GG rehab patients so it’s been a great help seeing him so far and I feel 100% confident of getting back when good and ready under his watch.

Everything is going well so far. We went through the Phase 1 exercises again and everything looked and felt good.

So it’s time to move onto Phase 2. I will continue with the walking and exercises with the number of reps of the latter being increased slightly.

I’ll also now bring in a daily upright cycling routine of 20mins on a low resistance and cadence. All going well over the next 4 to 5 days I will be hopeful to move onto Phase 3 which will be to lengthen the walk duration to 45mins and bring in an elliptical trainer element. I don’t want to think further ahead than that and it will all depend on my next physio appointment on Wednesday 6th June.

Further return to normality next week as I go back to work after two full weeks off.

And a real breakthrough was felt yesterday when I finally got to remove my dressings and get some fresh air to the operation area. That was a huge lift and made me feel like a real corner had been turned.

Onwards and upwards.