Off road running, new training plan

So I’m in my fourth week of “getting back to running” after my holidays. It’s gone well. My calves have done the usual “are you sure?” routine etc but I’m getting there. I probably did a bit too much on grass and I’m slowly moving back to ~50/50 concrete/grass. The grass sessions are great for reducing the pounding but they probably give the muscles and tendons more to do due to the uneven surface. Beware of pot holes too. But ultimately it’s good to get fully used to off road running in preparation for the cross country season. The “cost of running” is undoubtedly higher off road so it’s good to get completely used to that feeling. Your typical easy, threshold and race paces will be slightly slower than on the road, so it’s a whole new ball game. Anyway, I prefer it to road running and I’m putting my thoughts and plans together as to how I want to tackle this new season. Last year was a learning curve, this year I want to make more of an impression both personally and for the club. I feel I have something to prove myself and the men’s team at the club will be keen to show we can mix it in division 2 against arguably more well established clubs. Bring it on.

The plan for my training now is to draw a line under this 4 weeks with a decent 5km effort this Saturday. I’ll not be busting a gut for a pb but I’ll be looking for a strong run and see where it lands. The key reason is to set a benchmark or line in the sand as I embark on the next phase of training.

I’m excited to be starting a new training plan and also working with a coach. I think having someone help and guide will really move me on from where I am now.

I’ll be getting my head down so that I can line up at Blaydon in the best shape possible. Whilst all this is in progress I’ll have one eye on improving my 5km pb as well.


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