Standing at the bottom of the hill…some hope

If your standing at the bottom of the hill, struggling for breath, and you have to get to the top then the only way surely is up. By hook or by crook. That’s how I felt on Wednesday at Cow Hill. Two circuits of the course (8 hills total) felt like one too many. Indeed nightmares from Prudhoe came flooding back. But strangely I got home full of hope. Why? Because I finally have a session that can be repeated and measured that is going to take me to the next level…and improve me as a Cross Country runner. I’ve always neglected stamina and endurance training, preferring speed work every time. My performance on the session itself was a bit embarrassing. But it’s a starting point. It’s a chance to put a new string on the bow.

Of course I need to improve my hill running technique as well as stamina. Your quads shouldn’t burn that much with proper hill running form, but strangely I can’t wait to feel the burn again.

The only way is certainly up. That said, I may not feel this way at the top of the Atlas mountains (4,167m) in a few weeks time though. It’ll be interesting to see how I cope with altitude but you won’t find me trying to run at any stage in the climb.